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Cuba Statue, Cuba NY

History of the Goddess Cuba:

"Cuba is a Roman Goddess of Children Who watches over children in their beds, blessing them as they sleep. Her name derives from the Latin verb cuba, which has the primary sense of "lying down", and is usually taken to mean "to rest or sleep" or "to be in bed"; it is related to the word cubiculum, "bedroom" or "bed".

Another meaning of cuba is "to be [lying down because one is] sick" or even "to be [lying down because one is] dead", and it is likely that Cuba was also prayed to to help sick children get well (which does usually involve a lot of rest) and to avoid death.

Perhaps then Cuba is not just a guardian angel-type Who protects children as they sleep, but a healer Goddess Who helps sick children get better through the powers of bed-rest and sleep.

Cuba is sometimes linked with Juno, either as an aspect of that Goddess or as one of Her associates; Juno, as the Roman Mother-Goddess, was especially concerned with childbirth and healthy children."

Cuba Goddess Garden was erected on Pa Ingalls Lane, Cuba New York on Mothers Day 2018

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