Cuba Friends of Architecture

The Cuba Friends of Architecture Inc. is a not for profit organization dedicated to restoring and preserving historic and architecturally significant buildings and structures in and around Cuba, New York area.  The CFA will promote commercial development in Cuba and provide assistance to owners of historic buildings for restorations and/or improvements.  It is our intent is to stop deterioration and prevent destruction of historic properties in the National Historic Districts of Cuba, New York in order to ensure that the districts remain on the National Register of Historic Places.  It is our intention to promote unified cooperation among businesses and organizations in Cuba. 

Our village’s historic vision is described in Cuba’s Strategic Plan for Downtown Revitalization, adopted November 15, 2006. It states that the Village of Cuba will have an aesthetically appealing and economically vibrant downtown business district in which all storefronts are filled with a variety of successful businesses, the buildings and storefronts are all well maintained, and the architecture of the historically significant buildings has been preserved and rehabilitated. The 1993 Cuba Village Plan had the following objectives: Protect and enhance the natural beauty of the area, protect structures and areas of historic and/or architectural importance, improve, through design and reconstruction, the public environment of the Village core as a way of increasing private investment and achieving revitalization of the downtown business district.  CFA’s mission is directly related to that vision ensures that the downtown district remains on the Register of National Historic places and is consistent with the NYS Historic Preservation Goals



Michael J. Doyle, President

Donald A. Donovan,    Vice President

Carol A. Donovan, Secretary

Kathryn L. Bradley, Treasurer

TBA, Director



Cuba Friends of Architecture

P.O. Box 274

Cuba, New York 14727